A map with ten checkpoints

Currently on Hive there are three maps with 9 checkpoints. Subzero/Snowfall, Viaduct, and Gardens/ To Bee or Not to Bee. These maps are pretty long. Long maps are fun. However, although they may be the longest maps, people still find a way to get times of under 80 seconds on them, myself included. Here are the speedrun.com leaderboards for reference.

The world records here range from 60 seconds to 73 seconds. That is really fast.

Add on to that the fact that it almost never takes three minutes for someone to finish.

So here’s my suggestion - A map with ten checkpoints.

It could have any theme. Space, a volcano, the ocean, or even a trip through dimensions. As long as there are ten checkpoints spaced far enough so the average time to complete the map is 100-120 seconds, I’ll be happy.

Since this map would be pretty dang long, I suggest being more creative with the traps, kinda like what was done with some maps on the Java server.

Additionally, some shortcuts could be added that save time. They’d also have to be difficult like this thing:

Screen Shot 2021-04-03 at 12.03.02 PM

I think this idea is cool because Deathrun maps are generally kinda short and really easy. A map like this would be challenging. Challenging = fun.

If this idea is well received by the community, then more of these long maps could be made.


slight correction the first column is actually java, you need to look at the 3rd column
the fourth column is mobile

although I do think this would be really fun!