A interestin gamemode maybe•- •

Theres 1 Head in the middle of the map•-•

Team Battle scenario
Mission: Wear the head: 5 seconds = 1 point
Points cap 50:Minute cap 20(including overtime)

Player Traits
No armor
Iron Sword

Head Traits
Stone Sword
Heads Blindness effect•-•

O ye as far as name maybe headhunters•-•

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Isn’t this similar to capture the flag like ?!?!
also this year hive is busy on permanant content,
also idk if they take ideas for minigames from players

2 references of clash of clans in one day, a mob from clash of clans :P

Capture flag requires u to capture a flag and return to ur base•-• this more of oddball from halo

it’s more like Domination but you have to wear a head instead of standing in the circle.

I swear I’ve seen this exact game mode somewhere else…