A Fair Way To Distribute Gold In TW

Whenever you play any variant of Treasure Wars, with the exception of solos, you ever get that one teammate who will not move off the gold generator when someone is already on it? We’ve all had that person on our team at least once and I can say with certainty that it gets annoying. What if there was a way for the generator to favor the person who stepped under it first? This would fix that issue of having that stubborn teammate who doesn’t know when to quit with the gold generator when someone was clearly there before them. Then when the person collecting the gold steps off the gold block, the generator is free for other teammates to use.

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The way players can pick up gold has already been changed. If this was possible when they changed it, they would have changed it to this. There by concluding it’s probably not possible.

I mean, what if the stubborn teammate got on the gen first, and waited there until they got 32 gold for endstone or whatever? Then you’d have to wait even longer. The current system might not be perfect, but it’s the most fair way for gens to work.


If this was still a problem, this would be a good solution, but the hive already made a solution for this.

What I find weird is the fact that this was fixed so long ago and you haven’t noticed?

It could be makoing it dupe for players. Both get gold when it drops.