A cool down for murderer agains sheriffs

Almost every game then murderer kills the sheriff and camps near the sheriff hat, then whenever someone arrives to be the sheriff the murderer instantly kills them, this can be very annoying and basically makes the sheriff role useless

So I propose that once you take the sheriff hat ,there be a five second protection for the sheriff, during this cool down the sheriff also won’t be able to attack innocents or the murderer, thus balancing this, this way the murderer can’t kill the sheriff instantly.

I’m pretty sure this can be added as this feature already exists when you respawn in treasure wars.

Thanks for reading and make sure to vote if you want this added
- peace

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I voted for this Idea but…
1:You can get killed before even taking the hat.
2: You can just collect 10 coins to get a one time use bow

What’s the use of the sheriff role then

infinite bows from the start of the round but with a cooldown

If this is gonna get added then the sheriff can’t kill the murderer in those 5 seconds too

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Yeah good point I better add this to the post

But then it’s just a battle between the murderer and the sheriff after 5 seconds on who is killing the other one faster, wouldn’t change what this suggestion is about. This suggestion is not really balanced and it’s part of the game to protect the sheriff hat as the murderer. :thinking:


But then how do we stop murderers from camping the sheriff hat?

As I said, it’s kinda part of the game and you can always collect 10 coins to get a one-shot bow. Camping the sheriff hat is a disadvantage for the murderer, not the innocents.


I’m not arguing but wouldn’t that make the sheriff role useless?

not really

you have to actually spend some time to get coins, and even then you only get one shot, which you can very easily miss.

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way too complicated idea, very useless


Umm I think I’ll vote cuz murderers kill me 1000 times while doing quest