A casino in hive lobby


a casino placed in the hive lobby that can be used to gamble QP

More information:

lets say you click a npc to get teleported to casino island (just like the quest master npc), a island off coast of spawn (one of the unused land masses in the water) there you can gamble your quest points in slot machines or heads and tails.

This will never happen as there are pretty strict laws that prevent video games from allowing children to gamble (especially in the U.S.) Even though you can’t buy quest points, this would still promote that activity.

Not to mention how much of a Server Partner violation that probably is, especially if you could buy quest points with minecoins.

Don’t gamble kids, and if you are of legal age, gamble responsibly.


thanks helper for clarifying for me, i just need to feed my false gambling addiction somehow lol.


Um, gambling is not a good thing to have players participate in, especially younger players.

I know this is off topic, but I LOVE your new pfp Xy :smiley:

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