2 survival games fixes recommendations

There are two things I wished were removed from sg or fixed 1. Is I think it would make sense to remove the diamond sword because they are extremely op and have the knock back Nemo anoying impression
2. I would recommend doing something about the graves in locker. If you go to you locker an option is graves but there is only one grave and it’s the default one.

not really. they aren’t the most common item, it’s more likely you’ll encounter it when you have better armour, so it sorta cancels out

gravestones though, why is there no suggestion for that? i’ve seen people ask loads of times.


Wdym most common item. Only like two people get then a game XD

That’s not really because of RNG
People can go around the map looting everything they see, avoiding fights, finding supply crates, and they’ll most likely get a diamond sword (or really good armor to fend off the diamond sword) for death match. It’s about the way you play that might give you more loot.

i said they aren’t common?

I thought I only had disfexia im so sorry