2 new maps

2 new maps: Cheese and Chess

I believe we should have the maps “Chess” and “Cheese” to a game of Hive

The map “Cheese” will have many kinds of cheese and of many colours (yellow, orange, white, etc).

The map “Chess” will have mostly Chess topics, their pawns and a chessboard.

What game would this be for?


Probably gw,CTF idk

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Well, explain! I’d love to hear about how this would look!

When you’re making a post, try to put as much detail as you can into it so people will like it! :smile:

I’ll vote and try to defend this topic! :ballot_box:

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Honestly I’d love a chess map for groundwars, but that might not be what game mode they’re talking about


I didnt think that it could be on groundwars, but its a very nice idea. :grinning: The one side white piecies and the other black piecies (left-right or in front-behind) or mixed on both sides.

Tell us what game it should be on!
It makes most sense on gw, a flat map would be boring with any other gamemode.

We want you to explain the map, not the chessboard.
There has to be more to the map if its not going on gw

On the beginning, I didn’t think where would chess map would be. I just wanted a Chess map to be added on Hive. Now, after these messages, I believe that the Chess map is ideal for Ground wars. Also, I wasn’t explaining the chessboard, but how the map (on Ground wars) would look like. Also, I still wait anyones opinion about the Cheese map. Could the map be added in hide and seek? It would be like a tricolor map (white, yellow, orange). I also think that its great as a map in Gravity.

I see chess as a grav map personally. Avoiding the pieces and falling to the board. The portal being on 4 sides with really not much of knowing how gravity works. I could see it as an beginner map maybe.

I don’t think it should be for Hide & Seek, as that would make it way to hard for the seekers. But I might go well in Gravity, one of the hard maps probably


Then chess could be grav too, the pieces falling (obstacles) and you land in the chessboard.


To the new readers: What’s your opinion? I’m still waiting…

Bump! Just to make the topic active.

Tbh, I see Cheese as a gravity map more than Chess. You travel through the holes of cheeses and avoid the ones that don’t, and at the ending you go through a block of cheese and land inside of it.


Wait a minute, can you add chess to the game? Like two players can have a tournament somewhere in the lobby?

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@Ozcan770 Yes, if the staff accepts this idea as a map on a game.


Dude let’s be realistic, the staff rejected much better suggestions than these. Still, this is a great suggestion, good luck with it :innocent: