1 New Quest Point Reward for Quests V2

The following paragraph has been revised by using criticism provided by the commenters.
For 50k qp, you can get hive+. My main reasoning for this is to help players who don’t have the money to get hive+. Sure, it’ll be alot of effort but it’ll help Little Timmy’s goal of getting hive+ be more realistic.

You can already buy a costume gift for 1500 qp and gift it to yourself
I’m not even gonna comment on the 100k qp thing

You can gift to yourself

The random costume thing is kinda useless when you can gift costume to self for 1500 qp also I think hive+ could be for 50,000qp and maybe a pet for 5000 qp

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I like your suggestion, it would help a lot of players, but The Hive already said they don’t have plans of making Hive+ and Pets free.