1 minute Just build

Just build but only 1 minute
You only have 1 minute to build
Like speedrun


Maybe your plot could be half the size?


replacing the longer version with this would honestly be the best thing for just build


If there’s like
-quarter plot size
-5 players
-would take like 2 ish minutes to completely finish

That would be really fun imo


I like this a lot, as well as what others have said, I feel like it will disallow inappropriate builders the time to build a nono


i would love everyone getting stressed because they only have one minute and of course i voted


sounds good but needs some changing. it could be you can build anything but choose a catagory for it urself

maybe it could be a mode that you vote for? so people use the paper in their hot bar and they can vote for all the different modes [basically the featured presets in cs]

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I think it should be a completely different game mode so if you just want to play og just build you don’t have to deal with randoms spamming the paper

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Bump Just Build needs an update


I find it so annoying when you go into just build, and even in extended time, the winner is a build that would take like 30 seconds to build

So voted, to get rid of people who play like that or just play it so that those builds seem fair

I feel like this type of mode in jb should have less xp than the longer already existing modes of jb. Considering effort can be less expected if you are talking about this gamemode. Just to balance some players that might play longer games and get the same rate of xp just like from the shorter games.

based suggestion

I think maybe the lvls could be the same for both games like sw and kits

its not sw by the way its just build

Yes I was comparing on how the lvls could be the same LIKE in sw and kits

bumping this thread why does it needs a minimum 10 characters

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To try to avoid replies that add nothing to the topic.
A one minute game should give less xp due to the time consumption. No one would play regular or extended if they were grinding it for xp.

Builds will be just very simple, small and boring then

It’s fine if they don’t look good, they point of game is to be quick, stressful, and fun