1.5 Block Crouching

Pretty self explanatory. In all of the mini-games and hubs we don’t have 1.5 block crouching. I think that it should be implemented and its weird that is hasnt been yet on the Hive. I know skywars would benefit from it for trapping. And other games could benefit from it in the future with map making.

So please add it. I dont think there really is a reason that it isnt in the Hive already.

The Hive runs on 1.18, and they will probably update to 1.20 in around another year. Hive also has many spaces that would are 1.5 blocks tall that would be made broken if short-sneak was enabled.


Thats understandable. If I may ask though do you have any spots that you could give as an example?

the one problem is that it could break some maps in terms of being easily escapable; most maps dont have barrier blocks around the entire thing


Thats a quick fix. Maps like that can be easily fixed.


This is primarily why we haven’t enabled 1.5 block crouching on The Hive yet.

We have hundreds of maps; going through each and every one of them to locate and fix any possible areas that this change could break would take a substantial amount of time.

With that said, we’ll likely get around to this at some point in the future.


No its now 1.20