1.19 Issues That Make Hive Very Weird

Hi, This Is Scorpio! I’d like to inform that Hive needs to have the server supported by 1.19 ASAP. As soon as I logged onto The Hive with the new update it has broke my game. For starters, My Render Distance Does Not Work Properly, Even when I put it to my regular Render Distance (6-12) it still takes a full minute to load. Two, My Sounds Have Like A 10 Second Delay which really sucks. I assume this problem is happening because of the Minecraft RenderDragon since in version 1.18.30 has released RenderDragon to iOS, Android, Console, and 86x bit computers. If this is not the case I’d like to inform to add support to 1.19

-Best Regards
Scorpio [Izhar]


Hey there,

These sound like bugs, be sure to submit bug reports for these issues in the #server-bug-reports section :slight_smile:

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