We all start out the same, with simple naïve trust.
Shielded from the many ways, that life’s not fair or just.

Hiya, I have a lot of names but you can just call me Centuria or Centy for short. My pronouns are she/her. Here are a list of random facts about me:

I play piano and flute.
I love concert band and just music in general. I hope to become a conductor someday.
I want to join Team Nectar someday.
I love Just Build.
I live under the world’s biggest mountain.
I used to do Pokémon roleplays on Twitter and write Pokémon stories and do roleplays on Quotev.
I was a former member of BlogClan, my BlogClan name was Tinykit/Tinyfrost.
I play Dragon Village M, my nickname is Frostytine.
I also have an obsession with My Little Pony songs.

@CommanderCreamy and I live on Jupiter together. He introduced me to one of the greatest songs ever.
@TallScissors938 and I both love composing. He wrote an amazing song through Beepbox.
@Tdog gifted me my Hive+ rank. He spent 10 dollars on it just to be nice.
@ThanPixel is understanding and a great listener. I dumped out my entire life to him and he listened.
@minji.mun is always there for me when I need it. She helped me when I didn’t have anyone else.
@unikern1o is my role model. He played piano for me at 1 am, and he is aiming for the skies.
@EnchantedUwU is very kind. He will never judge.
@Simartar fell through a hole five times. Unfortunately. ;)

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Thanks for reading this!