Heyo! I’m Diamondboy, but you can call me Diamond, or my real name ERROR 404 - NAME NOT FOUND

I play on The Hive on Nintendo Switch or Windows 10. A hobby of mine is coding, and I like to code my own games. I am learning to code using Python and I code Python in Thonny IDE. I code on a Raspberry Pi 4, but don’t come to me with serious coding enquiries 'cos i aint gonna be able to help you! :smile: (Unless it’s pretty basic)

I live in Scotland, UK :uk: and play on the EU Hive servers 90% of the time so if you need me, add me on the hive and join the EU Servers.

I do have Hive+, so I get that epique green name.

If you see me in game, chances are that I will be playing with my irl friends.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this, and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!

Below is a list of my gear. (This list will eventually be updated with better detail and more items! :partying_face: )

-Toshiba Windows 10 Laptop 5GB RAM-

-HP Laser Optical Mouse-

-Tecknet Wireless Keyboard-

Feel free to use me and my name, Diamondboy, in any publication, comic or fan made artwork of The Hive or anything else!

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Thanks! Peace out! Au Revoir! Cya! Goodbye! Ching Chong Big Diamond is gone!

Ok actually this time, Goodbye. :heart: