Your take on TW

I wanna see your take on TW

I would have a seperate shop named the ‘workshop’ where you can purchase diamond armor, however that catch is that you’ll have to wait a few minutes for the shopkeeper to create the armor pieces

There would also be an upgrade shop where you can put protection on 1 of your armor piece (purchasable once only) and some other cool perks. Another item I was thinking of is a stick that lets you levitate in the air for 5 seconds max (has durability) and is quite expensive

you can easily hop over your enemies and stab them from the back, etc

Best game by far. Skywars has way too much RNG. Treasure Wars is the perfect most well rounded test of skill!!

tw solos is boring at best, the games are longer than trios and squads, with the maps being… somewhat unlikable if you leave mushroom/ turris. In my opinion, people started collecting emeralds when mj’s popularity grew hence making snowballs and pearls something you encounter each game in solos.

duos is pretty much the same except a bit shorter in time. trios and squads where there are more generators on your island is where more gamesense comes in. duos in my experience if you have a decent teammate and just stick with them and rush together you win most games

trios and squads are my personal favorite. faster rushes, defences and a good chemistry between the team is needed. a lot of strategies are taken from scrims like splitting armours and who rushes etc. no one really uses pearls in the gamemode so people don’t yeet to another island and 90% of trios-squads games i play end before there are 21 minutes remaining.

also a lot of trios/ squads players are real 8 year olds who do nothing, that’s also why i find the games so fast brr.

idk what you mean when u say ‘my take on tw’; the game is much better than sw and needs a lot more gamesense and skill since your only option to get out of a fight is not spamming blocks like in sw. I think an item that could be added are water buckets only, enchants and kb sticks are too overpowered and i’d like to see what all people can do with the meta being changed a bit.

i definitely like the idea that there is a cooldown on when you can buy diamond armour and bows. I dont really like the idea where all armour wont include chestplates so it’s like hypixel. there are servers that are non featured which have that.


i really dislike the snowball meta, keeps me from playing the game
it is literally recommended every game to get 2 stacks of them and just spam it lol

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It needs more stuff, like fireballs. In mega, you should be able to buy buffs with diamonds

basically what u would add or remove