Your opinion about the above user's pfp

Just describe what you think about the person’s pfp above.

Appropriate responses please. Thanks.

Edit: Even if you see my avatar or a certain one a lot and others’ responses, it’s just your opinion on it, you don’t need to decipher it or anything.


Is that adventure time? Not sure what it is, but its ok

It is, particularly Fionna (genderbent Finn).

I think yours is pretty cool. Who doesn’t like Robbie Rotten?

I’ve never watched adventure time, so I don’t really get your pfps. I’m sure it’s cool for people who watch it!

Your pfp looks like a humanoid guardian. It scares me.

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XD. It’s my skin, which is supposed to be a lava elemental. Yours seems to be a store, so that’s interesting. It seems like a data tower in the middle

It’s my local store’s giant roomba.

I don’t know why your pfp is just some store interior. Also, it would be best not to have back and forth posts.

you have a cute profile pic

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Reminds me of

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Absolutely love it. Steven Universe is amazing! My favourite character is Ruby Saphire.


Is yours like a custom reference to something? Looks cool though!

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we are number one!!1!


I like the custom villager skin you use; very creative I will admit :upside_down_face:


I like that profile pic as well, looks creative!


Yeah, that Villager pfp does look very nice!

Ur Minecraft character looks very epic

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Anything with phil swift is good XD

I honestly don’t know what to make of it

I’ve watched Steven Universe before (especially the first seasons), and Garnet is pretty awesome.