Your favorite Minecraft update

What is your favorite Minecraft update and your least favorite.(Not hive updates)

My favorite update was The Better Together Update, and my least favorite was the Walmart Caves and Cliffs Update (1.17)

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The world of colour update is my update because…colours are neat :sunny:

Favorite: Village and Pillage
Least favorite: 1.9 because of all the drama people have started over it (mainly pvp changes)

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Favorite update: Bees update
Least favorite 1.18 bc it’s harder to find diamonds and u can die easier in this update

Favorite: village and pillage
Least favorite: 1.18 by a landslide

R.I.P 1.18 update

best: 1.7/1.8. both, had a lotta fun.
worst: 1.18. need i say more

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My favorite MC update was Pillage and Village Update