You should be able to make custom forum titles

So I think some people were discossing this in another thread, but I didn’t see a suggestion for it. Anyway, I think you should be able to go into settings, and under title, make a custom one, that needs to be verified by staff. It should probably only be for regulars, to lower the rates of innapropriate title.

Let me know what you guys all think

Yay my idea

This would be sick


Hate to be a party pooper but I don’t think this is possible because of the way Discourse works.

If it is then ignore this statement.

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It is possible for leaders to make titles, but I’m not sure if there is an option to allow us to do that.
Could be, just not sure

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I have no clue what discourse it and what it does, so maybe idk

i think that there should just be a request form because i dont think you can make titles without leader

they could activate the lounge (which is a forum chat just for regulars) and make it there


How did you your title turn to: Активный пользователь

am hacker

jk, I turned my main language into russian, then changed my title to the russuin translation of regular, which is Активный пользователь


notice how my title is changed slightly


They should fix that glitch…

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it’s not a bug it’s a feature


I would care, but you have my vote

Discourse is a forum tool which these forums happen to be using, searching DISCOURSE on Google should answer your question, you’ll see the discourse forum page looks almost the same as here :slight_smile:

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