Yo its skylar (i need more than 15 characters lol)

Hey everyone! I’m writing this a little bit late as I’ve had a forums account for awhile, but haven’t posted yet! My name is Skylar, also known as skaiwah, or skei on Java! I have been a long time Java player since 2013. My favorite game to play was always Hide and Seek, and I’m loving the bedrock version just as much. I have had such a great time on Java, so I thought I would give Bedrock a chance. I’m really liking survival games so far, especially duos with @Abigaili so I can get carried. Looking forward to meeting you all!!!


Welcome to the forumssss, Sky!

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you literally carry me in sg :neutral_face: but nice to see you joined the forums! :blobheart: Welcome!!


Welcome to the forums! Glad to see you’re enjoying bedrock :beedance:

Welcome to the Forums!

hi, sup, welcome c:


Welcome to the forums Skylar!

Welcome to the forums! Have a cherry🍒

Welcome to the forms, have a cookie :cookie: (better than a cherry take that)