Yellow steve

so my friend bought minecraft bedrock we started playing some games on hive and he told me why u have yellow steve skin my skin was actually made by my self in minecraft not importing skins or anything but before that it was fine like around 10 days ago when i was playing with another friend idk why this happens its only in hive is this cuz of my skin?? idk what is wrong i even tried to go into alex or steve and i was still yellow steve :frowning:

This is a common thing in hive, so dw about it. Yellow steve, iirc, is when a skin isn’t loading in correctly (Like a messed up skin file) or has something not allowed like completely invisible body parts and such. I would recommend trying another skin to wear. If that doesn’t work, try restarting your game.


uh ok thx :smiley:

if you make a skin using the character creator in minecraft, Hive turns it into a yellow steve in order to prevent lag and to prevent skins that give a competitive advantage. Importing skin files is actually the way to go

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uh then thats why my friend actually have skin cuz he did not make it in minecraft and import it

Hey there! This link will give you some more info on customs skins on the hiveThe link

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