Wrong Translation in gift menu

Affected Language:

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or menu):
Global (Gift Menu)

Affected Text:
“Normaler Reitbegleiter”
- English: “Regular Mount”

Suggested Text:
“Regulärer Reitbegleiter”

Explanation of Issue:
If you translate “Normaler Reitbegleiter” into English, it would be “Normal Mount” which is
partially wrong, because in English it says “Regular Mount”.
Also, when Hive added the regular pet gift, it initially said “Normaler Begleiter” and not “Regulärer Begleiter” (This has since changed)

Screenshots and/or video:
In German: (The 4th option)
unknown1 (2)
In English:

Hey there :wave:

I have gone ahead and fixed this myself, the corrected text should appear in-game soon.

Thank you for contributing to the improvement of our translations! :translations: