Winning SkyWars without bridging

I once started a solo game of SkyWars and I just stayed on my island doing nothing. There was one more team coming for me (at the end) and he thought I had a bridge but eventually he tried to speed bridge to my island. He failed and fell in the void. I won the round.

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Sounds like one of my games lol, just me killing everyone then messing up a bridge and then dying to the guy who didn’t do anything


lol i do this all the time cause i butterfly click but half of my clicks don’t register so my blocks die so i die : /

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just jumpbridge smh

also you dont need to butterfly to sprint bridge, just walk/sprint bridge with like 7 cps


You can normal click sprint bridge doe


Yep, even when I was a non and only did about 4-5 cps with my 5 dollar “gaming mouse”, I could sprintbridge somewhat, and walkbridge fine

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I don’t really know how to jumpbrigde, I sprint bridge instead. I tried many times, it didn’t even place one block of success… But i see most of pro players do it consistently. How

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hold down on your mouse, not click on it and then hold sapce

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Here’s a video:


Hope this helps :grinning:


I prefer to butterfly cause that’s all i use lol

If ur on pocket or touchscreen, you’ll have to have a twitchier finger even better than the Java godbriging, but, I manage it without hacking,

its impossible to jumpbridge on mobile without cheats lol don’t know what ur on about


You can sprint-bridge on mobile, but you need a mouse or controller to jump-bridge.

It’s impossible to jumpbridge with touch controls


Yes. But I can sprint-bridge (60 percent the time)