Win streaks to Stats in skywars

Idea: I think there should be winstreak in stats for skywars. It has it in treasure wars so it couldn’t be hard.

[Write down your suggestion here, keep it short] add win streak to skywars Stats in watimg lobby. Treasure wars has it so it would be cool if skywars has it to

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and isnt there already a win streak in stats?

Not for sw only only tw I checked

the hive will not be adding winstreaks to the leaderboard due to the toxicity it would cause.

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Ok thanks sorry im new to forums


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They added them to TW

If you had looked for 5 seconds you would know that Ajax’s statement is void

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I believe this is suggesting to add the winstreak feature Treasure War has to SkyWars. (Others cannot view the current winstreak you have, only yourself). If I’m missing anything please do tell me.

I’m thinking of treasure wars in stats it shows win streak but it would be cool if you add personal winstreaks to skywars stats as treasure wars has

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