Win horn for every game

SO basically it sounds like the suggestion. you get it if ur top 3 in DR and if you start on the winning time and Hide N seek and Murder


Can you rephrase this is a way that is more proper english

The win horn in SG and WARS, should be in all games if you win. If you get top 3 in DR you get it, and if you start on the team that wins on hide and seek you get it. If you win skywars you also get it!

Oh the raid horn

Ok so the victory totem raid horn screen that’s what u want ok

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Yes SOrry I need to write random leter bc of the 20 letter rule

Ehh, I’m not a big fan of the horn in the first place, and I would rather have it in no games, than all of them. It causes lag spikes for me (mobile) as Im sure it does to others. Having this, for me, would just be inconvenient, so I’m not gonna vote for this one.

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I understand. It would be awesome if it was a toggle able feature

This would be very cool c: