Why the murder lacks so behind in this game!

Sigh… Why do I have to say this, many people have said this stuff before ME and really the biggest downfall of this gam in my opinion (Ironicly) Is the murder itself and how in a way the game treats the

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE murder mystery especially with a few buddies or two and it is even after the hate it’s A BLAST! BUT the issue is that while it’s fun. MURDER is not… Since the game makes so many disadvantages for it direct or indirect so I will talk about them here and why they SUCK! (To be clear I’m not stating this should be fixed more annoying things about being Murder)

  1. First things first… The throwable is a terrible excuse for a “Throwable.” The whole point of it is to counter and balance out sheriff so they don’t camp out long range and win because you can touch them! HAVE FUN WITH THAT WHEN YOU THROWABLE I SO SLOW THAT THEY CAN JUST MOVE OUT OF IT AND PRETEND IT DIDN’T EXIST! Two things Ironic with this is that the zapper travels instantly! At least make the throwable fast not slow if the sherif still wins the battle! And two that it’s better close range just because it’s less of a time from you to the victim! The whole point of it is to get them long range! So unless you can read the opponent, you luck it out, or there not starting directly at you. There’s a 85% Your missing you shot!

  2. This is more of a not murder issue but WHY IN THE DEAR LORD OF BEE’S CAN IN HALF THE GAME ALL 7 PEOPLE ALIVE HAVE A BOW! It’s unfair since it basically says if you don’t play rushy early game U DED because everyone and their dead grandmas can get coins so easy in this game likes it’s a gold rush! And it’s MORE unfair how all those people are standing in a corner and all show their bow so the micro second you show up… THEY ALL KNOW YOUR THE MURDER and go on a world war just to shoot you and lose because it’s impossible to approach so many people with a bow!

  3. The last reason more puts the salt in the wound but straight up as a consequence for letting everyone get the bow even thought number 2 shows why this is a bad thing already… Is how now sherif is useless so if you didn’t like Murder you can’t just like sherrif as the “hero” and “being unique” Is non-existent since a random Steve can get 10 coins, luck out and steal your spotlight of being able to kill the murder. I mean I liked sheriff more than Murder in Murder Mystery 2 for ROBLOX but know I can get the same felling! And don’t say “Well he can recharge his sho…” No dip! And that doesn’t really help because tell me this. Your sherif. You see the murder kill someone and he is going to you! You as always pull out the bow but miss… YOUR PRETTY MUCH DEAD! There is little to no hope of this reloading if you will just die in 3 seconds after missing your shot… The only time I could escape and shoot was ONCE when I shoot them and ran away. AND THE ONLY reason I could do that was he was so slow it actually seeing me giving me plenty of time to run! Most murders are smarter and more violent than that…

So there you go… That’s why I hate murder so much. Hope you enjoy and as always. STAY ULTRA!

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I just want to point out that being the murderer is not supposed to be easy, nor is it a guaranteed win each time you get it. As the murderer you can try to be sneaky so people don’t know it’s you. There’s a bunch of awesome strategies that can be used.

Throwables are fun to play around with, but I think what you are suggesting would just make them too powerful. You’ve got a sword and a throwable to use, while the sheriff only has a bow that needs to recharge every time it’s shot. Changing the throwable would essentially make it as powerful as the bow.

I’m not sure why it’s bad that 7 people in a game can all have a bow. If you get 10 gold then you get a shot. If we removed this feature the innocents wouldn’t really be able to do anything other than hide. We want them to be able to get a bow. They also only have 1 shot, so after they use it, they’re defenceless. This makes it much easier for the murderer.

As for your last point, the sheriff isn’t useless at all and whomever is sheriff has a distinct advantage over the other players. This advantage is that their bow can be recharged to shoot more arrows while innocents can only get one shot.

All in all, I can see your frustration and I do agree that a lot of people feel the same way as you. But on the other hand, I am really happy with the current state of murder mystery and I think that some of these suggestions could cause more problems.

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Ok I sorta agree but most of these things I dont have a problem with, I’ve got quick combat and dodge skills since I’m used to tw pvp. Now, I see why all of this is annoying but if you dont act suspicious your fine, plus if I were murderer I would avoid the aim of the sheriffs bow (or innocents earned bow) and run at them and go for the murder. Now thats just how I deal with this, also with the throwables it would be great for them to go even just.a.bit faster! The murderer needs a chance! Though The first time I was murderer I eliminated everyone but a hider, I agree witheveryone who says hiders make the game worse! I dont play mm often cause I see no point in it, though I’ll play with friends once in a while.


I’m right now going to reply to both @alexx0563 and @anon93056790 right now and how I like both of their points

So basically Alex deflected all my points and said his points and I want to react to them:

  1. I think while yes the throwables would be too overpowering if they where faster. I feel like a little speed change wouldn’t hurt? I know I’m pulling something out of a hat but Murder Mystery 2 for roblox had fast throw ales and it worked fine. To be honest it’s just It’s sad to The the throwables pretty bad. And maybe I over hatted on it since there ok playing around with them but a good point there
  2. I totally agree with this and while yes, but if everyone but the sheriff fires their bow there defencless it just seems people are getting gold to soon, again I’m not saying “fix this” or “change that” I’m just saying that it feels to soon to get the bow…
  3. While yes they have an advantage and it is noticable. Most of the time you are close encountering the murder instead of seeing him from a distance so missing you shot can be deadly
  4. I will agree that the game is in a good state but still. I fell like Murder sometimes fell just that bit unfair and this is mostly salt. But they are not just my salt since many people agree with me but otherwise I agree with your points and for the points will cause more issues I never meant this to be a fix or to change stuff more as of what I fell frustrates me as a Murder. So ya!

And for Sunny: She mostly Agree with me on this so there’s no much to say

Again. If you will reply. I’m not saying to change the game in ANY way just more of my frustrations for the game. But thanks all for the feedback!

Hope you guys have a nice day!

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Why don’t you have much to say when yoi respond to me, plus why am I always last? Noticed it and kinda annoys me so imma point it out. Though MM is not the best game, I rate it lower than HNS, that says something. Though if it were only a little bit more worth playing. Grtting mureder rank is rare, do those precentages even mean anything? Y have the throwable if it isnt gonna benifet? Y let people have bow at 10 gold, why not 15? Y can’t the murderer get anything from gold, kinda unfair. Attually murderer rank is unfair overall, also why have sheriff rank if everyone will eventuallu end up with a bow!

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If Murder Mystery worked exactly as the Roblox version (innocents being unable to get a weapon unless they pick up the gun dropped by the sheriff), that would only promote the idea of camping the hat once the sheriff is dead. This is the single reason why I like the Hive’s murder mystery because it’s not fun to see that the only weapon to kill the murderer is impossible to obtain without the murderer shanking you or throwing their weapon.


Ok good point SilentLattice32 (can i just call u lattice?) It would make the game worse. I see wat u mean

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You can refer to me as Lattice if you want to.

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Ok lattice, the helper with no rank!

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It a Player Spawned At A Gray Banner He The Murderer

I think it’s so rare for a murderer to win a game, I think he should have more advantage

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Rush is the name of the game man only one person has a bow.

Same, I agree strongly. (20 Characters)