Why people hate Hive?

What’s the problem with this hive, you want to know HIVE is the biggest server in Asia, it’s 10K per day people come to that server, the problem is these 3 games "Skywars kits, Treasure Wars and Skywars, there are people who actually use hack tools, but problem its HIVE NOT BANNED who use client cheat in pc But people use client for example "LIQUID BOUNCE and TOOLBOX get BANNED although there is a bypass indeed hive will detect but Client, where to ban him while the Phone user is banned. I don’t know why Hive doesn’t have HIVE anti client cheat but Anti Cheat does. So under 13 years old must be angry when playing with hacker client pc so please don’t play with hackers for 13 years old. target level is level 20+ the most important there is a + sign so do not join with that user. Ok thank you

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This sorta looks like when u spam the recommended words…


Still trying to understand what this means.

But regarding the topic, people will keep hating you have to move on.

“Elephant keeps walking when the dogs bark”

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I couldn’t understand this post at all. Could you rephrase?

Best post good job /s