Why no teammate

i played around 20 duos and i played 2 times with a teammate and i saw like 6 duo teams and 4 solo team why cant the solo teams be in a team??? like why i dont get a teammae??? i played 6 duo and i dont even had teamamte but they were like 4 duo team and 3 solo players that could be in a team

Um, I don’t really know. Someone who knows what they’re talking about please answer. Also, you can party me if I’m on.

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I’m pretty sure this happens due to the lobby not being full so some teams may not have two players.


yea ik that but why they r like 2 solo players when they can be in a team???

I don’t know maybe their teammate left or something else

ok but why 6 games in a row without a teammate

Maybe the hive should make the game filling system like the one in cubecraft.

yea i agree

What is wrong with being solo? Also, why not just do solos?

Some people will queue for various reasons. One I can think of right now is to complete quests that can only be achieved in a duos variant gamemode.

Yeah I agree with this because I just do duos or trios or squads if I have quests or if I play with friends I’m just a solos player

I’d actually rather not get a teammate cause they are always annoying.

This is so true they always take my resources from ender chests and then just die or fall of the map with them because they’re probably new to the game they just make me lose the items.

I touched on this on a similar post about a week ago:

Rest assured, we’re working on it, and it will hopefully be fixed soon :slightly_smiling_face:


I have the same issue but in build battle, i played like 8 games in a row and got 2 of them 8 I got a teammate, and the rest I was alone

This is a duplicate

But if teams are empty you can just go to their diamond generator and get a tons because a team never went there