Why my post removed

Why was my post removed

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It probably didn’t follow the Hive Forum Rules

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Ask at [email protected]

Who are the rules and do my post have to follow them on Facebook

I remember your post, and it was deleted because you exposed personal info that you really shouldn’t expose

bro you dont contact hive support for a removed post or flagged post


go to Why as this person been silenced? - #17 by Do_the_Mario217 and look at the last comment


that was a punishment, this post was just removed. the user can contact a hive admin for info.

i cant tell if you’re joking or not but the rules are here


Bro that has nothing to do with this post. You dont contact hive support for a flagged/removed post.


What info??? 20 laters oof

Ok I need to say what post it was it was asking what the 2nd best server was not anything to do with personal information

:wave:, so the reason your :postbox: probably got closed was because you are taking about others servers and didn’t :postbox: it in Last one to post wins also as St1ck said

you have to :open_book: the rules you would see

Hope this clears it up. @supersonicboost

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Lol how is it advtsain everyone can see the featured servers lol

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