Why is just build so inappropriate?

Leave your ways on why is it inappropriate and how to fix it

Building inappropriate buildings in Just Build is against the rules. You can report anyone breaking the rules via the #bedrock-ingame-reporting channel over on the Hive Games Discord server. Alternatively, you can message a Moderator (indicated by the hammer icon) here on the forums.

The in-game Just Build reporting tools have already released. You will see the blaze powder in your inventory, simply click on it to bring up the report page. However, it would still be best to report inappropriate, off-topic or discriminatory builds on the Discord or forums. With the Discord and forums, you can provide evidence whereas in-game this is not possible.

With that said, the upcoming in-game reporting system for the entire servers usage should make reporting much more efficient and player friendly. As a result, I don’t feel this needs to be discussed any further.


take a screenshot and give the screen in the staff