Why is discourse doing this

Why is discourse forcing us to wait for 5 minutes then can change the poll, like I wanted to include in a new option in my poll, but however apparently I need to wait for 5 minutes,

Why cant we just edit the poll instantly as much as we want without waiting?

it says after 5 mins, which means you cant change it after the 5 minutes have passed


I will flag this up with the Hive Team and see if it is something that we can change and if they would consider doing so, however it may just in general be a Discourse thing and we might not be able to do anything about it.

Edit - misinterpreted the dialogue.

So I set a timer for 5 minutes, and then when the 5 minutes was up, I still cant change :frowning:

Is Discourse broken or something?

maybe it’s to prevent people from changing what others voted for, for example to get a biased decision

Have you refreshed the page and tried to edit it?

I havent really tried that, Imma try refreshing first

Update: I refreshed the page twice, as well as restarting my pc, it still did not allow me to change it :sob:

Sorry for double posting but I feel that Discourse is rigged, like what were the Discourse developers thinking about, like why must they include in a feature whereby we are being forced to wait for 5 minutes

You are understanding it wrong, you can only change the poll within 5 minutes of creating it.

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but then I created the poll 7 hours ago

So you cannot change it, you can only delete it and make a new one or do nothing

dude… its not waiting 5 minutes

it means you have the option to change it only BEFORE 5 minutes =_=

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if u post a poll at 7 30 pm
you can change it till it turns 7 35 pm
you cant change it at 7 36 pm
its beffore, not after.

so basically I have a time limit of 5 minutes? this is ridiculous

no it isnt… as i said
maybe it’s to prevent people from changing what others voted for, for example to get a biased decision

for example if you make people vote between 2 options and you got a result which you didnt like, then you shouldnt be able to change it

this is to prevent people’s vote disappear and to sustain unbiasness. although as xy said if they could change it to like 15 mins or so that’d be cool.

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tbh I wished hive was the one who invented discourse

Its not ridiculous, because someone can possibly rig the votes by changing the option that was voted the most to a option they wish

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actually tbh I have never thought about that tho

wait a minute… does that means the options people put down could be not what I think it is?

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Possibly if it was created within 5 minutes and it was edited before then, but in general I don’t think you need to worry about that.

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