Why i no longer play tresure wars or similar games

lately i noticed i don’t play that much treasure wars and similar games (egg wars, bed wars)

I don’t know why, i used to play it A LOT around 2019/2018, i think it was because i started to play less frequently minecraft in 2020, however, i still now that im active again don’t play treasure wars, you know why? because not 3 nanoseconds and someone is building a bridge to YOUR island, before you had to get ready before doing that, get a sword and tools, get blocks, (for some) chain armor, etc. before you used to bridge normally (shift and build backwards), and you first goed to the central island and the diamond gen islands, in fact, many of the deaths came by battles in central island. also one of the characteristics of treasure wars, egg wars, bed wars, etc. was to be absurdly long, in fact it probably was meant to be like that, if you wanted quick battles you gone to sky wars.

in fact, due to this is that i don’t like dream, he made this strategy the most used one, but let’s not get offtopic

the problem is treasure wars and any similar modes now a days ends in 3 nanoseconds because that strategy, i have came here to only say my oppinion, i’m not suggesting anythinng

That is part of the game and I do it do… It is very effectful. Also, if you haven’t learned speedrushing by now, that is on you. Also, the heck does Dream have to do with it? If you have played tw since 2018, we still jumpbridge. If you have a problem with jumpbridgeing… just learn to do it.

SMH… I will play what I want when I want, using whatever statagey I want

So you want us to wait 10 hours before fighting you? Nah man…

Not trying to be rude, but.


lol no, well yes i agree with you, this reply is mainly about the 10 hours thing.

i reffer basic stuff like: some wool: bridge and defense, a sword, and either a pickaxe or an axe or both of them, after that you could rush lol, however it was more common to see people trying to get diamonds before it but i seen it not too effective as if you waited for diamonds, then it will actually be the 10 hours you say

also one of the things that made me made this was the different weird ways to build bridges.

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We all play in differant ways…also thanks for not taking it wrong like several users will :+1:

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if ur on solos theres no point getting tools on 1st rush since no one can build the defence in time before you arrive at there base
you may not like people rushing, but it works. and if its works, people are gonna keep doing it.


i always play in quads

From my experience console lobbies are shorter than kbm lobbies. In kbm lobbies people try harder to stay alive and are smarter players in general. With console on the other hand, people die quicker because they usually don’t have the same capabilities as kbm players and just aren’t as strategically smart. Speed rushing is a stepping stone of the game and it took me some time to get the hang of it. I use to hate on those types of players until I became that type of player. But if your game is ending in less than 4-5 minutes then it’s most likely a kbm player who plugs their kbm into their console ultimately giving them the unfair advantage. The hive hasn’t done anything to combat this nor do they plan on fixing it.

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