Why has my skin changed with out me doing it?

Hi everyone. Today, I’m here to ask a question: why has my costume on the hive been changed with out me doing it? It started as the day before I updated to Minecraft 1.13 (bedrock edition) on the day of the update’s release. But the hive server hadn’t updated to the latest version, But by the following day, it had. It has been going on for a few days. Hive staff, please let me know what’s going on with the costume system. Also, my gamertag is spindoctor222.
Thank you for reading.


Hello! The answer to your question is that this is only a temporary fix due to skin formatting changes in 1.13, so to fix invisible players happening frequently, they had to make it so everyone would wear the same few halloween costumes, this is only a temporary thing, and it is high on the hive priority list to figure this out. Also are you refrencing a a store bought costume made by the hive, or are you referencing a custom skin, as it makes your topic somewhat difficult to understand.

Hopefully I helped you understand it!


this is true because first i did made a unfair skin to show the limit of how the hive skin reader doesn’t work, not because i wanted to be unfair (which was the goal to show how easy it is to hide with the skin) but to show some bugs to using skins and due to halloween ending it’s pretty much getting fix so this is why that’s happening.

hello! I do agree with this! but does anyone know exactly when we could see a fix to this? thank you!

I think it will be fixed very soon, probably in a couple of days

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