Why doesnt the hive fix gen sharing?

the hive could fix the gen sharing problem, but they dont. if you know why I would love to know, because it really confuses me.

Hey there! Are you able to expand further on what you mean by “the gen sharing problem”?

Also, please remember to be kind. I understand you may be frustrated or confused however there’s no need to insult others. If you’d like more clarification on the rules you can read them here Hive Forum Rules :blobheart:

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In the past I always heard that gen sharing was a thing in treasure wars where if two people stood under the same generator, then the items that drop are evenly distributed between the two of them. This makes it take a significantly longer time to get the resources you need and is generally looked down upon by the forums community.

I used to do it myself but after being told not to I stopped. “Fine you can have the generator.”

Pretty sure only one player used to only get the gold, and hive changed it to what it is today

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Another unconstructive suggestion -that isn’t even in suggestions- where you diss the hive staff, even though you don’t realize how much time and dedication it takes to be one.

Gen sharing is a pretty minor thing and there is more important things for the hive team to be working on.


The only gamemode it affects me on is Megas since I play trios/ squads with sensible people who split the gen which is allowed.

Like Louis said it is a pretty minor thing and isn’t game shattering considering you can just leave the gen for the other person.

What’s the issue?

We specifically made it so that if there is more than one player on a generator, the gold is distributed between each player evenly, in our (and many of our players’) opinion, this is the fairest way of doing it.


If someone steps on your generator it’s best to leave that generator and wait for the other person to leave.

That’s down to individual player preference and isn’t something that we will enforce.

Gold is evenly distributed, this prevents players from ‘hogging’, or going AFK on generators, and making them useless (which is something that we received many complaints about prior to this feature being implemented).


Basically I think gen sharing is anoyying because it makes waiting for gold at the start of the game even slower than it already is And puts you at a sizeable disadvantage. When you stand on the same gen as somebody else on hypixel it doesnt slow the game down to a snails pace (it may still slow it down I really dont know, but from what I’ve played it isn’t THAT noticeable) or put you at some sort of massive disadvantage. I’m aware that its a small problem, I’m aware that the hive probably wont just copy hypixel, but like it still hurts my feelings :frowning: lol

Note: I will stop calling the hive staff mean names (lol), I have my reasons not to like them, but I’ll just shut up about it, because no one wants to hear it lol.

Well you could agree beforehand with your teammate. For example, you get the 5 first gold and start bridging while they are following you with a sword, or vice versa.
If you’re playing with random teammates and they are not cooperating, then that’s your problem. I suggest playing in a party with someone you know, especially someone who listens to you.


Just play solos

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Solos is the answer to every team problem