Why do "PVP Sweats" Look Similar?

First of all, I’m not sure if this should go in “Help Me” or something, but I think it fits here?
Anyway, I play on Switch which may factor into this, but I’ve noticed that a lot of PvP “sweats” share some common traits. Some of them are obvious - they tend to be high level and often have Hive Plus, which makes sense, because if they’re willing to dedicate enough time to get that good at PvP, they would be high level and would probably be willing to spend money on The Hive.
The thing that really confuses me is the fact that they always seem to have greyscale semi-generic anime boy/girl skins, and names which are a short string of random characters. It’s gotten to the point where if I see something like “x1v3e” I just assume they’ll be difficult to beat, but why is it that people who are good at PvP often have these traits?
My current theory is that some group of people started a trend, and now others are following it, but if someone else could give a better explanation I’d appreciate it. This is just something I’ve noticed that’s been bugging me


What about people who replace letters with x’s and q’s like me

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IDK, I’m really just curious about this specific group of people;
That said, the group I mentioned also do often have x at the start of their name

Yes I really want to know my they have skins like this. I think those skins are overused and a bit dumb.

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Yes I think those skins are over used but I don’t know, people probably just want to look cool when they wear those? Personally I think not all “good people” aka “sweats” look like that…… cOugh Hudson @HudsonDog59

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Like you said, it’s just become a sort of trend, with pretty much all high level players doing these things.

I know most top 10 tw players, and they all where anime skins lol.

Yep, welcome to the strange world of sweats. They also have more traits in common, they often play very arrogantly and make it easy to win against strategically. They may waste half their blocks placing it whilst moving around for no reason. I’m not sure why they all have the same skins and name style though, just kind of the community. They think it’s cool.

Welcome to stereotyping players with Michael!

I like placing blocks under me tho while running in skywars :thinking:
you never know, thats what might get you a combo on your opponent


Wouldn’t that get you comboed? You are giving your opponent the low-ground, meaning if their cps is high, their aim is good, and if they maintain distance properly they will be able to combo you.

I didn’t say I will place the block and stand on it.
If someone is chasing me and I place blocks under me then I am pretty sure, majority of the times, it will block your opponent, and if you are skilled enough you can get a combo on them as soon as they are blocked of

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Oh, yeah that’s different. if you are running away, placing blocks beneath you makes it harder for them to chase you.

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Yeah…we don’t “waste blocks”. It’s a strategy


I mean when people are running to mid from their base and place 16 of their 32 blocks for fun. Also, I do this when running away and maneuvering too.

Why are you complaining then

I didn’t mean when you maneuver around or run away, I meant when you are trying to get from point a to point b without other players being involved. I’m not complaining because players can do what they want to, I just think it’s not a strategically sound move since it wastes blocks.

I take all the blocks I can get, so I usually have 4+ stacks. Using 20 to get away isn’t that much of a loss

Lets drop the topic :grinning: even though I think its not a waste of blocks since you can collect hundreds of blocks, but lets avoid argument.

Yeah I’ve also noticed most of the sweats have a cliché edgy teenage skin lol

I’m not sure why those skins are so popular, I personally find them to be very boring most of the time. But whatever floats your boat I guess.

I love spamming blocks with high cps/on pc
But on controller it doesn’t make fun
Sad :frowning: