Why do people hate mobile players like me?

Yesterday on the forums, I saw a thread whereby a console player complains about how mobile players get a lot of advantage or something like that, and today a pc player complains about mobile players. Why are the mobile players like me always receiving so much hate? Those pc and console players think that they have a slightly unfair advantage when it comes to battling against mobile players, but yet pc and console players have a better advantage than mobile players

Firstly, pc players can sprint-jump whereby they can just hold down the shift key and the space bar whereas mobile players cant at all

Secondly, pc players can jump bridge or even speed bridge whereas it is impossible for me to do that since I am playing on mobile

Thirdly, pc players literally have a mouse whereby they can just spam click their left mouse button making pvp easier for them whereas mobile players like me cant at all since I have to tap the screen and pvp is even harder for me

Moreover, some of the pc and console players think that mobile players are always using hacks but that isnt true at all. I myself play on mobile and dont even use hacks at all, in fact not all mobile players are hackers.

In conclusion, I have no idea why pc and console players hate mobile players like me. Is it because they are jealous of mobile players like me? Or maybe there are some misconceptions? Just like how the NA and EU players always hating the Asia region players like me


That is the way people are…if they don’t like something, most of them complain. Mobile players are just apart of Minecraft that get a lot of hate for ‘being noobs/slow/dumb’ although there are MANY excellent mobile players.

The only annoying thing is that mobile players take less kb. I know this is a mojang feature, but it is harder… Not really a complaint, but I am fine with mobile players :+1:

Hope this helped!


PC players don’t hate mobile players I mean some do but they fail to give a legit and proper reason (my opinion I am myself pc player and I don’t hate mobile players)
I have friends who play on mobile and as far as I know mobile controls are much difficult compared to pc or console.
What is happening here is pc and console players are thinking themselves as the superior (which they shouldn’t and I don’t think myself superior than mobile players)
I have seen pc sweats and console players make fun of mobile players multiple times.
You don’t worry about if they hate you, its just their behaviour we can’t do much.

I feel this is similar to this topic People kept accusing Asia region is always full of hackers which you created a few months ago.
I believe answers for the current topic can be related to the one I linked.
Have a great day and I assure you, I don’t hate you at all and not all pc and console players do.

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As a k&m player, whenever I join a sumo, and there is a mobile player over lvl 75, I always assume they are going to be cracked- and they often are.

Imo, mobile players have WAY more potential to become good at PvP, it’s just harder to get to that point.

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sorry, i didnt thot about that, i just thincked that the touching controls are op because you gain free hits. think that it shold exsist mobile players that should use the aim controls because it is more equal, to the disaventages and adventages of mobile players.
i tried to be as polite as possible because i understand some mobile players that do not know the aim command. i never said that teire dumb, just frustraded to loosing versus level 1 or 2 because they can get some extra hits. sorry if i hurt you or another person, il try to be more careful this time. Im deply sorry if for you it has rertful but for me i thot that pepole woud see my side of the coin. im not tring to hate on them, i was just stupid.

Meh it’s all right if somebody dislikes mobile tbh, you’re probably not gonna queue into a pc game very often anyways, and when you do, there’s a good chance that they won’t notice that you’re mobile.

I dont know about this, but is it because there are misconceptions that people have about mobile players, if there are, is there a way that the misconceptions can be addressed so that mobile players like me will receive lesser hate?

Most mobile players I fight are easy kills.

of course is easy to you as you have a mouse and can just spam click the left mouse button in a fast manner and easily kill mobile players like me.

Whereas for me I have to tap on my screen and sometimes I accidentally let my finger off the screen which means I am not able to do damage anymore

True. Very true

Ah yes, I can connect a KB&M to a switch.

Fish is controller

No one hates mobile players, most people enjoy them cause most players are so bad and they are fun to toy with

This thread is unnecessary, u could post this in lotpw or random thoughts or say anything stupid or unnecessary


People just dislike the idea of being able to hit people without looking at them.


As a fellow mobile player, anyone who says something like that to me will just get the response, “Get better, bud.”

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Anyone who hates mobile players should have their opinions discarded and yeeted into a garbage chute, since I don’t see any reason to do so, hate pbmm not always being implemented, not mobile players lol.

This also applies to mobile players who complain about how bad pc players are.


Bro i hate pc players. . .

i always die to them

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Then you’ll like me, the Xbox player with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse

Then maybe the pbmm should always be enabled whereby even there is only 40 players in the skywars game, so that mobile, pc and console players will always be completely separated from each other in every match, then maybe that way, each type of player will hate less on each other

Or maybe hive could include separate lobbies whereby all mobile players like me will be shifted to the mobile lobby permanently, pc players to the pc lobby and console players to the console lobby

Games would never fill up, have you tried to join an a game in the asia region when theres 400 people online?

No, but I usually play on Asia region