Why Do I never get a duo?

I play treasure war duos often, as solos is extremely stressful for me. However, after 25 consecutive tries spread over a month, I have never once ogtten a teammate. Tjis means during my 1st rush, i have to fight a 2v1, and if I die, nobody will help my treasure. Does anyone know why I cant get a teammate, and how to fix it?

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get in a party ig
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It may be the matchmaking system. The system wants to put in players in the right team so they don’t have to die from sweats that much, I think.

Correct me if anything I said is incorrect please. I, as a mobile sweat, can assure you that this does happen to me most of the time. Doesn’t bother me too much.

Yeah, if I’m not in a party, it’s a 1/6 chance I’ll get a duo. (I’m lvl 100 btw. Probably the reason why)

thats not how it works at all

its not a percent chance its a “can we fill this lobby before it starts” thing, and then the person without a teammate is a random person who is not in a party. and level 100 doesnt make a difference at all iirc