Why as this person been silenced?

Apparently this person has been silenced until may 3rd and he wants to know why, can any staff tell me why so I can tell him? Thanks :blush:

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I am not a staff member, but I think it is just because of what he is posting. Many people just disagree with it, and it can get annoying.

This isn’t meant to be offensive or rude, but it is just a my guess.


I understand that but he shouldn’t get silenced for having a different opinion. I do understand that is a theory, I’m just saying if that’s true, that isn’t right

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I meant that the way he is posting and what he says is just annoying sometimes so many people dislike it. (sorry for making it confusing)


I understand, I still stand to my point. To be honest, I have made 2 deleted posts and a hated post and I’m not silenced so idk 🤷

Another point I want to say, was when I was talking to him, he helped me out twice so i really think he shouldn’t be silenced

Because you don’t do it continuously. Almost all of your posts that I have seen all fine


When a staff member helps, they will most likely either pm you or @Beast3rzz. In fact, if he had a question, he could always have messaged a staff member first

I still see that as having a lot of ideas that people just don’t like :+1:t3:. That’s just what I see, the staff team could see it as something else

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He did I will send a screen shot

Here you go

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I’d imagine it is because of their toxic-ish posts and behavior until now. They can try contact [email protected] to get the punishment reversed (note, they only remove false punishments). In addition, staff don’t disclose information about punishments. It’s between staff and the user afaik.

it was inevitable


Before he asked me to send this, he was really nice and helped me a lot. I will check his posts

I housntly don’t understand what you mean, I mean I found it this post made about a month ago

I don’t understand how this person could be toxic

2 things,
1 he realized it’s to the 9th of may
2 if he was being toxic, he probably wasn’t trying to be because he wants to know why he has been silenced

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The user themselves can contact support, we don’t deal with these things publicly.