Why adding duels could completely destroy the hive or lift it to undeniable greatness

                                               **LONG POST, BUCKLE UR SEATBELT**

When I decided to write something on the hive forums My mind immediately went to duels And that lead me down a rabbit whole that made me realize. That adding duels or not adding duels is a massive decision that could fundamentally alter the hives player base in a terrible way and may send it on a downward spiral. Or it could save the hive from the inevitable skill inequality that every game suffers from eventually. It could save the top players from not having any players that can challenge them. And It could save bad players from being stuck at the bottom of Minecraft’s wide skill gap untill they inevitably quit. Adding duels won’t just change the amount of npc’s in the hub, it could permanently change the player base. And while it takes years to cultivate a good player base, it takes only months to ruin it forever. (I’ve seen it with my own eyes). I’ll also talk about how successful duels may or may not be, if you have played on a practice/duels server please comment your experience. ​

reasons why a duels gamemode might flop and how It might effect the community: The first reason duels would flop is because it is really punishing for new players. When I was new to this game the first server I ever played was versai.pro (cuz I wanted to be better than stimpy LOL) and It took me like a month before my kill death ratio (kdr) was positive. I no joke, had 0 idea what I was doing, the day I downloaded this game was the 2nd closest I got to quitting forever (It a shame I didn’t go through with it).

​But after I actually got good I started playing on a server called vasar.tk (used to be the best server on the whole game, wasn’t laggy at all. had perfect nodebuff I.e The pots where great and the pearls where like the pearls on lunar somewhat. And it had builduhc with rods that worked like java which is something I had never seen before and have never seen again. It also used to have an amazing player base that wasn’t too toxic and pretty skilled too. on top of that it had even more great gamemodes, ffa’s, and spectating. all of this without even mentioning the kb which was somehow 3 times better than the hives R.I.P OG vasar.) And after a few amazing months of playing on the server something strange happend, it got ddosed…over and over and over again. The people ddosing the server even extorted the owner and staff team which did stop the ddos attacks for a time, until it didn’t. and the server went down for months ( 3rd closest I’ve been to quitting Minecraft forever) and almost made wqrro (the server owner, now a closet cheater) almost quit running Minecraft servers. And when the server came back it was much more like the all the other potpvp servers, toxic, cheater infested, laggy, and barebones. Wqrro had given up on trying to run a good Minecraft server (he was traumatized LOL) and all the old players didn’t come back while the players from the other servers (synhcf, ectary, valea). Decided to “make themselves at home” which meant using 5 block reach and using their ban as evidence that they are the greatest player of all time (they usally didn’t get banned sadly). On top of that the server became incredibly toxic, which sadly did really hurt my attitude toward this game for a time. On old vasar I can’t remember 1 time when I was called a bad word (it probably did happen but it was probably so rare that it was nothing compared to how much fun I had on the server), compare that to vasar today (before It was updated to .200) where I’ve been called more slurs than I can count. And this experience made me realize something…

​ The playerbase of a server is what it lives and dies by. And this would be fine if the duels player base wasn’t the 14th worst of all time, let me start with cheaters. Cheating is an unavoidable fact of Minecraft and its even worse on bedrock, this is because servers anti cheats just aren’t good. bedrock is much less competitive than java so people dont care as much about anti cheats. And big servers just can’t make a good anti cheat appear out of no where. A good anti cheat takes A LOT of thinking and even more developing, and in my opinion it is much more easy to make a ghost client (hard to detect hacked client) Than it is to make a good anti cheat. that ideally will ban hackers but won’t false ban legit players. If guys know who javajar is then you’ll know what I mean when I say anti cheats are harder to develop than hacked clients.

​ The next reason cheating is especially bad on practice servers is because it is very skill based. This can make cheating worse in two ways, the first one is because it makes it very difficult to kill cheaters. I haven’t and probably never will kill someone using 5 block reach in a fair 1v1, but I’ve killed several people in sg who were using 5 block reach. In sg you can use a bow, cobwebs, snowballs, and even more stuff too win. this makes it much more doable because cheaters dont understand how to use items properly seeing as they didn’t need to (until they met me lol). and someone with an IQ less than 60 probably couldn’t spontaneously understand how to use the items in sg no matter how simple they may be. This just doesn’t happen in a duel ​If you want to win a duel you must have better fundamental skills than you’re opponent and that is extremely difficult to do when your opponent is cheating.

yet another reason why cheating is especially bad in duels is due of the way duels are designed cheating is somewhat encouraged. Firstly to win in duels you need fundamental skills (Aim and movement) the problem is that fundamental skills are by by far the hardest to improve and will degrade a lot when you take time away from the game.

​ Aim takes a lot of practice for a lot of people and is different than other games because you have to be able to make small tracking movements but also have to be able to do massive AND accurate flicks. and movement is such a foreign concept because it works differently than EVERY other game. AND movement is different in bedrock compared to java, the way I learned movement was by watching tutorials for java and then translating it to bedrock because there are no tutorials for bedrock. (probably because no one cares or has a big enough iq to understand the dumbed down game mechanics compared to java)

​Duels also may have a hard time succeeding because of toxicity, this is a massive problem for practice servers because almost everyone is unreasonably toxic towards bad players. (which is ironic cosidering its called a “practice server”) But I can somewhat understand why people dont like to 1v1 noobs, it gets boring and noobs sometimes have anoyying playstyles.

​ The real problem with this is that most of the people that would be playing the duels gamemode on the hive are noobs. Losing to someone who might as well have had a force field around them is bad enough but seeing them spam “L” in the chat is the type of thing that I imagine causes the majority of hate crimes in the United States.

​ The last and by far the worst reason for why the hive hasn’t and shouldn’t add duels is because of the type of content creators it will attract to the server. Many people dont actually know what caused the Minecraft community to become so toxic, but if you’ve watched advisers video on why potpvp is dying (adviser is an OG java potpvper). He says its because youtubers like Ziblackinggg, Bcz, and verzide became so popular and well known in the community. This would be fine if their entire existence wasn’t based around cheating and bullying other players for views. And because the most popular pvpers in the community were toxic cheaters many players started acting like them for some god forsaken reason. And because the idea of a practice server on bedrock was stolen from java of course the idea of being toxic and cheating would be too. This whole thing gets even worse when you see how dead potpvp is right now, if the hive drops a duels gamemode its going to be the biggest one on bedrock, and the biggest servers attract the most content creators.

​ You really start to realize how much java influences bedrock when you notice how ubiquitous saying “L” is. I had never actually seen someone type L in the chat of any game untill I started playing Minecraft. Its strange how something someone did on java possibly as a joke in 2013 or something could lead to a 12 year old spamming L after he 5 blocks you in the year 2021. Thats some butterfly effect type stuff. And thats what might happen if the toxic potpvp youtubers come to the hive, except this time they won’t be saying “go back to the hive L”.

That was one of my favorite moments from OG vasar, Gastliful is a crazy uhc player (I dont think he plays hive) he was the best builduhc player on the server besides dreacho LOL. (Who I had no chance of beating) It was a good fight and its crazy how in the chat people are only saying gg (good game) and gf (good fight). The moral of the story is too protect the things you love, losing them will leave a hole in your heart.

Why a duels gamemode might succeed and how it might effect the community: Before I can explain what might save the hive, I must explain what kills many online games. The widening of the skill gap, the skill gap is the gap between the best player and the worst player. And for so many games it has irreversibly changed the game for the worst.

The reason why the widening of the skill gap is bad for many games is because it often leads worse players to think that they cannot improve. And while few people realize this, the real reason people play games is too improve. when you find that you can no longer improve because you are too bad its causes you to quit.

The same thing goes for the best players, the reason inertia exists is because hive players got bored of just killing noobs. Why else would they purposely make it harder to win? but for players that dont want to deal with the toxicity of the hive scrim community and dont want to deal with cheaters on potpvp servers. Their are no other options.

Adding duels could help new players improve, because the fastest way to win is a fair 1v1. Some players disagree namely potatopie25, they say that a 1v1 duel with the same gear as your opponent
isn’t realistic and won’t help you win in a real game as much as actually playing the actual gamemode. Which on the surface makes sense but when you think about it, you realize that a fair 1v1 is the fastest way to improve your fundamentals because you can’t rely on cheap tricks to win. And your fundamentals (aim and movement) are the most important thing in every pvp gamemode. Because even if you can abuse gamemode specific stuff to get a small advantage, its easy for your opponent to do the same thing as long as they know how to (and sometimes it may take a little bit of practice). While no one can suddenly improve their fundamentals at will. also duels are very fast which lets players improve without having to wait, adding ranked duels might also let players improve even faster if done right.

It is undeniable that adding duels would shrink the skill gap considerably, this would benefit good and bad players by solving both of the issues previously mentioned. It would motivate everyone to play more and try to be the best. So with all my talking point exhausted, let me leave you with a riddle. I can’t speak, I can’t walk, I’m screaming loudly, but I am still human, How old am I?


Oh my gosh. What an essay. I dislike Duels too, and stay off it from another server’s version.

Nice post, but can you add a small paragraph summarizing the entire thing?


New players can just avoid duels if they don’t like it.


This is long lmao so I didn’t read it full could you maybe say it in short

lmao a paragraph tldr

adding duels would be great. i mean, it would give hive a boost, considering cubecraft had 5k more players than hive yesterday (most likely from the na region being added)

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Seems legit
just kidding pls don’t bully

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Do you mean CubeCraft had more players than Hive?

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Yes, you can avoid a gamemode, but you cannot avoid the whole community without losing something integral to the experience of playing Minecraft.

yes sorry


They wanted clarification. I don’t see that as a problem.

In my opinion this thread just seems like a fuss about nothing because cubecraft just added na regions and cubecraft have duels so hive adding it wouldn’t matter unless you live in asia.

We have also got to take into consideration hive likes you take ideas and turn them into unique minigames duels would be hard to be implemented as a unique game because it would be like changing the entire duels aspect.

stop double posting, and i love hive cuz its hive, I wouldn’t play any server.

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The community is huge not everyone is going to be toxic. Also I’d say the hive is pretty good at keeping toxicity off their platform (to the distaste of some but true none the less)

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I love how you said to not double post, when you double posted in this thread already

Also can you tell me why you said my reply wasn’t relevant? I just want answers, that’s all!

Tbh, I think that @TimX21019254 is right. It wouldn’t be necessary to add duels to the Hive, because CubeCraft has NA regions now. And it wouldn’t really matter unless you live in Asia, which is maybe 20% of the Hive’s players. (I could be completely wrong)

Tip on the forums don’t be pathetic tho the point where people are correcting you now learn that.

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