Who wants to play with me

who wants to grind skywars with me? my ign is: DemuraTundra

Hi! I don’t think you’re available anymore because this post was sent 7 hours ago, but feel free to send me a friend request, though I’m not online very often.

Next time you can ask for that here ^


Sure! My IGN: xztreemnz. Send me a friend request! Currently as I’m typing this I am onlune

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Are you available on weekends? I’m busy this week so just send me a friend request my ign is MasterJim7930.

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alright :wink:

Sorry my main is full so this is my other account you can send friend request
name: jim rents u
Lemme know if what region you are and let’s meet on Saturday.

ok, i am in asia region.

asia i would like to

Dude it’s been 9 days…
Also post this here

Friends, Parties and CS!
Like gabo said