Who thinks the knockback nemo should be removed

POV: you said the nemo should be buffed LMAOOO
Poor sky wars

You guys be like flat earthers smh.
I bet if we bring other servers into this conversation theyre gonna agree to take it away.
i bet your saying that we should “learn to fight against it” because we have projectiles.
It still doesnt help because if a player jumps or if the guy holding the nemo jumps while hitting a player the knockback gets increased by alot.

If you guys want to have the nemo stay, then i say we make a vote to get SHIELDS in sky wars to fend off the nemo

^^^this lol

no please :slight_smile:

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tell me 3 ways we can fend off the nemo.

Hole, Wall, combo, and Nemo I gave 4 lol.


they can get behind you.

but building a hole and doing all this stuff is so extra smh

why not normal sky wars

theres likely holes in the ground from mining ores. And just edit your posts, don’t triple post lmao.

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2 holes are more efficient

layer holes*

Stop double posting please

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when will you have the time to dig a hole if someones chasing you . theyre gonna knock you from the place you mine if they are very close

fine sorry

anyways, how many blocks far do you think the nemo can take you ?

There are most likely already holes in the ground from people mining ores.

I’ve hit someone 20 blocks far before.

doesnt that seem a little to harsh