Who thinks the knockback nemo should be removed

I generally think it should be removed and and add something different where they change the nemo to something that does a 1/3 chance of actually giving kb but making it more easy to find.

No thanks, I like having Nemo.


I mean even though the knockback nemo is a little annoying, however it is still an essential item

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Not me.

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why on earth would u want the nemo removed?
its the most iconic thing on the hive


I think it should be removed its annoying and random noobs use it alot which destroys the point of practicing pvp

Then practice getting good against it. That’s what I did.

bro how do you practice on extra kb. what about the low end device guys like me who have bad frames.

my frames get higher when im using it in the morning, but when im on it all day it gets crappy and slow

First, please don’t double post. Second, if you have bad frames, don’t you get destroyed by normal players that aren’t using nemo?


Fine, maybe my dpi but its like my screen gets all blurry and shaky and my cursor stops moving while i can hear sound. hive is so laggy at night smh.
Over the knockback nemo getting destroyed i rather have reduced lag

If we removed the nemo that would mean be would have to remove FishKing2000 and I don’t want that.

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Noep not at all. Nemo is such a fun item and there’s no way it should or probably will be removed. Also there are like 10 other posts about this

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I swear people who complain about knock back nemo are just people who died to a 5 year old having fun knocking people into the void like seriously stop complaining about knock back nemo and grow up. Like seriously I have died to people who have efficiency 1337 picaxes in cubecraft and end up getting spleefed but I don’t complain. Anyways you people in this thread need to stop complaining about a fish.


Guessing half the people think the nemo should stay and the other half want it gone

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It’s rare enough that it isn’t an annoyance every round. And if someone does get it, I kill them and now I get Nemo.

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Then the fish uses the fish to become a stronger fish

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People who kill me using a Nemo: I used the Fish to destroy the Fish


Nemo is essential to the hive and people that say it should be removed need to learn to play against it. It is also one of the most popular items on the hive

Man in 18 replies to this topic not a single person thought about making a poll?

  • Knockback Nemo should be removed
  • Knockback Nemo should be nerfed/rebalanced
  • Knockback Nemo needs no changes
  • Knockback Nemo should be buffed

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