When I try to invite people to my cs, i get kicked

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or global):
All the cs servers i make

What is the bug?
So when i make a cs for things like 1v1 and i try to invite people, i get kicked. Im not sure why, but it started like 4 days ago

Device(s) & Version
Android tablet, 1.19.2

Screenshots and/or video:
Couldnt get one since i get kicked every time


Hey there,

Thanks for submitting a bug report.

Could you possibly provide a video of this? Any further information about any error messages you receive, and whether this affects specific games (or all of them) would also be very helpful.


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Uhh sure, ill make a cs and record trying to invite someone

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Hey there,

Can you try disabling the new controls that you have enabled and see if this still occurs?


Alright! :slight_smile:

It still kicked me

Actually, i havent restarted my device in a long time, ill try once i restart

Still didnt work

I have the same problem game crashes when inviting people - YouTube

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Yea this happens to me too in 1.19.10 i cant do cs now :[

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We are actively looking into this issue, we appreciate your patience

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hows it goin?

We have identified the cause of the problem, we hope to have a patch out soon :slight_smile:


what was the problem? im interested

also was it for mobile only?

This issue has been fixed :slight_smile: