When I got worse connection in DR

Affected Service (Game name, hub or global):
A couple of deaths, when I lag in DR

What is the bug?
When I get worse connection in Deathrun and fell in water, I get more than one death. And that fills my stats with deaths, when I got slow school net.

Screenshots and/or video:
Screenshots of the bug, if it applies
No, I haven’t got.

Hey there,

Thank you for submitting a bug report. I’m having trouble reproducing this, has anybody else experienced this issue?

I play DeathRun over a VPN and wireless network, and have to admit that I could not reproduce this bug. Maybe it is based on your phone/tablet’s specifications, loss of memory on your device or high CPU usage? I know water and explosions can have an effect on performance for older devices.

If you have very high ping or crappy internet, it will do this, I know exactly what he is describing


It happens to me sometimes and can be more than 10 deaths instantly

My phone is Huawei Y5 2019, with 2 gigs of RAM, but it’s very fast. Only when I get worst net like in school, the game lags and as @Hazard said, water and explosions affect my death stats and I get many deaths.

You can probably play on Asia to recreate it lol

It happens when you have really high ping. I’m guessing that the client keeps sending the player’s position as in the water, so the server keeps killing the player until the client receives that the player has been teleported out.