When Block Drops Returns…

It has been confirmed that block drop will return in mixed Arcade AS A PERM GAMEMODE!! YOOOO THANK YOU HIVE

This is a discussion, but also suggestion. What do you want on block drop when it returns? When it returns, I want….

  1. More maps, and they should be the same amount of blocks.

  2. A shorter time, since it will be a arcade game.

  3. A cool new power up, “Return to last layer” which can make you go back to the last layer (Lol no, not the layer at the bottom, the layer that is above the layer that you are in)

  4. Block drops should also have modes. For example, if you want to play on a 1v1 mode, for example, you and a random person playing alone could be fun. But maybe shorten the maps?

This are all my suggestions, feel free to give feedback. If I liked your feeeback, maybe I could edit my post.


new maps would be cool but they can’t really create maps instantly

idk, ive had draws before when i played. i think the current time is fine

sounds cool but what if there isn’t a layer above? the layers disappear every 2 minutes iirc

i would like that personally but when there’s different modes one mode always dies


Of course they can’t, but it’s not like their doing a SkyWars Mega map, they just have to decorate the boundaries of the map instead of creating a whole new map.

The Hive build team is very experienced and I think this won’t be much of a problem for them.


Hello there! Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I know they can’t create maps instantly, but adding at least 1 or 2 new maps would be cool.

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