When are we going to be allowed to use our skins again?

I would put this in global, but it is more of a problem in murder mystery, because none of the other games particularly involve your skin.

In murder mystery, it is imperative to tell who the killer is. The easiest way to keep track of this is by their skin. However, with the forced haloween skins, every round there is going to be 2-3 people with the same skin. So if I find out “Dracula” is the killer, I’m going to shoot the next Dracula I see before they get the jump on me!

Woops! I shot the wrong Dracula just because they have the same skin as the killer.

This is an annoying problem. Without the skins, this only really happens with steves and alexes, and occasionally paid for skins. But what are you going to do? At least it’s easier to remember who isn’t the killer.

Oh and before anyone says “You should be able to tell who the killer is based on their behavior!”, let me remind all of you the killer can change up how they act to trick people. Don’t give me that.

Well yeah, but the skins will be fixed in a few days apparently, look around a bit before posting


As has been mentioned, we are trying our best to fix the skin issues and are aiming to remove the halloween skins at some point early next week :slight_smile: