What's your strategy?

I’m just curious what everyone’s strategy is for solo twars(if you play it).

Mine is to get wool and build 1 block around my treasure. After that, I buy a sword and rush the other person on my dia island. I then upgrade my gold and buy chain if I can, in addition to more blocks. I then rush mid, and I can usually get dia armor at that point, and then kill everyone else.

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Similar to yours. I get wool, do one layer around my treasure, speedbridge to the diamond island, get more blocks, rush them. Normally I don’t get a sword unless the other person has a sword. Then I rush mid, normally someone already has gotten the emeralds, so I get 8 to buy a sword and upgrade gen. Then I proceed to rush everyone else.


I use the strategy Bricen120 uses, but on mushroom I don’t buy diamond armor like on the other maps, where I go around the map and don’t really bother with middle a lot.I use the strategy Bricen120 uses, but on mushroom I don’t buy diamond armor like on the other maps, where I go around the map and don’t really bother with middle a lot.

It goes like:

  1. Get wool only and bridge to diamond gen.
  2. Get 2 diamonds and upgrade the gen
  3. Get a stone sword, rush neighbor and kill him
  4. Get an iron sword, chain armor and bridge to mid
  5. Get 20 emeralds are bully everyone with overpowered armor (except I sometimes still die cause I’m trash at pvp)

Going around the islands would never work for me. I’m not good enough at pvp XD


Neither am I but I go really fast so people don’t have time to really defend or get armor when I collect gold for armor on the way.

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1- Collect 10 Gold
2- Buy Wool and Stone Sword
3- Rush the other base
4- Wait a bit
5- Collect 7 diamonds and 47 gold
6-Buy tools, wool, iron sword, and chain armor
7- Rush the other bases
8- Win

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When I used to Play, this was my solos strat towards my last few games
-5 gold get blocks
-Kill dude next to me
-go to diamond and get iron sword
-wait a bit and get chain (if possible) or more blocks (if required
-get diamond armour

Doesn’t work so well now but back then this was really effective,


5 gold
Block around treasure
Rush horizontally

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My Strategy (Solo, Duos, Trios, Squads):
!. Get 5 gold.
2. Sprint Bridge to Middle for Emeralds
3. Get 5 more gold
4. Bridge to Diamond Gen
5. Max Upgrade Gens
6. Get Chainmail armor
8. Bridge to other team islands and break their beds

My Strategy (MEGA):

  1. Get 10 gold
  2. 64 blocks
  3. RUSH to the minion treasures
  4. Get the MAIN treasure
  5. Kill everyone you see INFRONT OF YOU

You’re Welcome!

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5 gold, rush and kill neighbor with fists. Get diamonds, up+ gen, get armour, iron sword, blocks, rush mid (at this point mostly no one has yet) get diamond armour , do whatever pleases me. aka get more stuff or rush, or sit and wait till everyone kills each other.

  1. 5 gold
  2. Double wool blocks on treasure
  3. Rush diamond
  4. Upgrade gold spawner
  5. Use the 10 gold to buy more wool and a sword
  6. Rush enemy
  7. Buy wood and increase defense
  8. Rush emeralds and upgrade as i see fit
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  1. 5 gold
  2. get wool and cover bed one layer
  3. then go and rush diamonds and upgrade Spawner
  4. go back and get 10 gold an get more wool
  5. Rush Enemy and punch them off the map
  6. Brake there Chest before they die or kill them after
  7. Repeat 5 and 6
  8. Get a axe and picaxe and more wool

I don’t Use Swords or Bows There to overrated I can win with out them
Note(This is my plan sometimes it dosen’t work




I dont even cover my treasure.


get wool
rush neighbor
upgrade gen
jump bridge from island to island
win ez

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Yeah, I only do that so that they can’t counter rush as easily

  1. collect 5 gold
  2. buying wool
  3. covering my treasure with 5 blocks
  4. destroying my neigbours treasure
  5. optional (killing my neigbour with the fist)
  6. taking at least 2 diamonds on the way back home & upgrading the generator
  7. buying new wool and a sword
  8. killing my neigbour if it isn’t done yet
  9. buying more wool and “visiting” the next player
  10. etc.

extra1. buying chain as soon as possible
extra2. dying if someone is better than me
extra3. taking emeralds and throwing them into the void, that hopefully no one gets dia armor


My solos strat:

Get 5 gold
Get blocks
Rush guy next to me through diamond gen
Rush everyone from the sides of bases
When 2 or 3 people left get diamond armour

10 gold
stone sword
32 wool
kill player next door
then mid and kill other teams

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ew u get dia armor

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