What's your strategy of winning (skywars version)?

I’ve already posted this on #games:treasure-wars and some of them are really good

so again, I just wanted to know what is your strategy of winning skywars.

i promise im not going to use this for a video

Don’t break chests only get what you need
Rush mid
Kill nearest person and repeat until you win

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Most of the time it is won by rushing the middle and taking most of the stuff in ender’s chests, the strategy is like getting to the middle first. and as the people arrive,
you eliminate it in the middle, and the one that doesn’t go to the middle would only be a matter of finding them. it is also an effective way to win. :blush:

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  1. Gear up on your island, chests and some restone, also prepare a bridge before the grace period is over to go fast

  2. mid

if mid == contested:
loot chests

  1. kill everyone else
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at least we agree that it is a good strategy to win :hearts:

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Just cross team

this is a joke


Hello! I play skywars daily i am level 32 now and ya the best strategy that i can recommend to you is this, first of all break 3 chest or get all the items you need and then mine the 3 ores these are diamond,emerald,redstone ores then dont rush mid kill two players and then rush mid get all diamond gears dont leave anything so your enemy cant get it. Dont fight with your enemy in a small platform or island kill him in the mid or in their base dont waste ender pearl if you play in controller put the pearl in the 9th slot and the blocks in 8th slot so you can clutch with struggling swithing your hotbar and if you are in pc use hotkeys and the most important the Sharpness 2 sword bring alot of damage to the enemy thats what i recommend thank me later…

Mine redstone and get prepared.
Rush mid
Fight noobs


Here’s my recommended strategy:

  1. Party with good people
  2. Practice sweating like fast bridging and sorting items quickly
  3. Rush to mid and loot chest and if you see sweats and you have weak armor back up and get armor first before attacking.
  4. If you got good armor early game and some people rushes you with weak armor target them
  5. Always mine redstone hearts for extra hearts.
  6. I recommend targeting sweats early game if they’re weak so they can’t kill you.
  7. Stick with teammates with good loot and armor.
  8. Try to open mystery chest for good armor and loot.

I have 2 strategys depending on my mood…

the first one is to get useful things in chest then rush mid take all the things in ender chest even if u already have that item (so other ppl wont get diamond armor fast) then kill of anyone who come to mid.

the sedond strategy, is when u r at ready place (where ur standing on ur spawn machine) look left and right when the game starts get armor then got to the island that have noober player then kill him/her get their armor then go to next island repeat until game end

I never do the Siderushing Samuel strategy because when you’re unlucky and get bad loot on your way or better equipped opponents it’s risky and no guarantee for a win. I personally do always mid rush no matter the cost and then kill aggressively all opponents.