What's your strategy for Tesla Labs?

I solo queue trios a lot and I have found the bane of my existance, Tesla Labs. The only good thing about it is the build height, so you can jump down from a million blocks in the air and take all of the fall damage in the world and die destroy your enemies.

My streategy is to bridge up like 10 blocks on top of mid, and then drop and make a bridge from mid to the island between mid and your base. Basically, I will bridge up and then drop for ems on the middle island in that 1 block of water, then bridge mid from there (I’m pretty good at bridge fighting, so if I’m getting chased I’ll run to the bridge and try to hit them off). I then grab 5 ems, go back up, block breaker a team from a little bit in the air and then get the treasure, then final all of them and beat them up assuming I don’t take heaps of fall damage.

What’s your strategy if you get queued into tesla labs?


Well I don’t like tesla labs but when I’m building to the middle I kinda curve to the edge and get killed by the people and find out my treasure was destroyed and rage quit!

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Wait for 5 gold, bridge up and when you have enough height use horizontal to not set off checks and flags

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My strategy is to vote for another map, if it still gets picked, before the game starts I re queue another game


bridge above the map, not caring about much. jump down when you feel like it

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Let Elon Musk copyright claim it

Jkjk the usual rush after 5 gold


My strategy is not play it, I’ve even played it with my friends multiple times and, I’m sorry I’m getting a flashback montage of me dying

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I usually rush like i normally do. get tools and block myself in. If i struggle i get one of my party members to follow and distract and then i blockmyself in again

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recently discovered that when u bridge the first time, don’t go to mid. Bridge to the diamond gens from the small island that’s there between your island and mid. No turns are needed and you reach in about 20 blocks

idk, I feel like using the height limit of tesla labs to your advantage might be good too, like one teammate bridges diamonds, one goes mid, and the last gets a defense.

You can side rush 32 blocks on tesla labs (exactly 32) so usually I have someone follow me grab diamonds, and upgrade our generator well i rush one of the teams if im red i usually go for yellow

I usually dont get tesla labs alot, but when i do i get 5 gold and buy blocks and then just build to the middle. There are those acacia log walls on the midde island. I hide behind those and go into third person and wait for the team im hiding at to build to mid. Once most of them go to mid i sneak into their base and get their treasure
This is an old clip with the example i stated above.

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welcome conninq, I hope you have a good time here!

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That seems pretty fun, I did it like once myself lol


/ban InterestinCehan (jkjk)

If I’m playing with a group, two of us usually just both grab blocks, and both use them to immediately rush a team.

I vote for other maps instead of Tesla Labs usually

When I’m forced to play it, I have to play really slowly and stack up since the map layout isn’t all that great for rushing.

thanks i appreciate it :blush: