What's your Just Build level?

I feel like Just Build is a pretty underrated game on Hive, and I’m curious, what level are y’all?

Edit: I’m currently level 18, nearly 19.


Lvl 1 lol

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I’m only lvl 2 lol

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10 I think

and u r right people don’t discuss about it alot compared to other games.


too time consuming and i cant afk it like hns


I don’t want to deal with all of the nsfw builds

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level 21 cause im just the best
fear my building skill

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Like 3?
Idk I barely play it

10 ;-;
I really should grind more.

I know @OranJus he’s probs lvl 5 :joy:

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Games just take too long and I can’t build…

8 haha get rekt loser (jk)(yes I have to say jk or some kid will flag and say I’m harassing

I’m like level 6.

It takes forever for the game to finish, and it’s just gets kinda boring just building y’know


They added more level’s? Mine is 5 xD

nope, its been 20 from the start, and still is now

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nah im level 2 lol
fear me

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I’m level 7 :upside_down_face:

I’m level 20. :sunglasses:

Max in every game too…


lvl 1 only played it like 10 times

Level 7
I appreciate just build but I enjoy PvP more. When I get to level 20 I will stop playing just build.

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