What's your highest kill game

I just got an 11 kill game, which is my pb. I was wondering what everyone else’s highest kill games are.
also what’s your average, I usually get around 6-8 kills per win.



i think i got a 17 kill game win when i grinded solo duos
it would’ve been 18 but the last guy jumped in the water

10 i am bad

i just spawn kill in mega and i got 57 lol
my avarage is 4-5

what’s mega, this is survival games

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  1. This guy is asking about your sg kill record
  2. Spawnkilling is not impressive at all, and it’s breaks the hive server rules.

I got 17 kills in a duos game once, my strategy doesn’t result in a lot of kills usually


Five. And I got second place.

rip in piece lol. What’s your highest kill win


Umm 5 or some thing, it’s not easy to play on mobile :roll_eyes:

uhhhh didnt read the title lol

not sure maybe 7 or 8 one time. I am mobile as well so was proud of that.

My highest kill win was 9

Mine is 13 :slight_smile: !!!

my pb also happens to be 13

i rarely play sg, but i played today and i got 10 kills in 1 game

I got twenty kills on an SG game once.

god, that’s high, has epanyone ever gotten a 23 legit

Something like 5-12 Idk