What's your favorite SG map?

  • SG4
  • Flashpoint

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SG4 feels so wrong/bad to me idk why, probably cause you spawn in a pit

Loved sg4, I played it a long time ago! It’s 6 years old nearly 7 I believe. So it’s basically my favourite and there’s over 10 Easter eggs in it and a whole story


Definitely FlashPoint it’s more ez to find chests and more simple. SG4 is just confusing.


Can you tell the story/where I can find it?

I haven’t even played SG yet lol

I LOVE SG4 It just is amazing.

SG4 is a good map (especially if you played MCSG back in the day)

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Wow, the results are 50/50 even though a ton of people have voted! Interesting.

SG4 is easier to find people tbh